United Methodist Church to take stock during charge conference

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By Kirsten Laskey

The First United Church of Los Alamos is taking stock of its year.

While church members will evaluate their past deeds, they will also look ahead to the coming year and its potential.

This annual review, known as the Charge Conference, will be held at noon Sunday in the Fellowship Hall.

Everyone in the community  is welcomed to attend the conference.

Rev. Dave Ring said part of the conference will be dedicated to looking at the church’s goals. They will celebrate objectives that have been reached such as performing 22 mission trips to places as far away as Nicaragua and as close as Los Alamos and recognizing others that still need to be obtained. This includes “beefing up” the Sunday school classes.

The other part of the conference, Ring said, is forming plans for next year. For instance, Ring said they plan to address hiring a full-time staff member for the youth ministry and music program.

The position would begin June 1, he said.

“It will be a real step of faith for us to add this position. We have a strong music program but it lacks leadership and we have a good youth ministry but it also needs leadership,” Ring said. The conference is useful to the church, he added, because “it helps give us clarity of focus. That way everyone in the church knows what everyone else is doing.”