Two sides to global warming position

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 In reference to, “EPA CO2 declaration hot air” published Sept. 28 in the Monitor, guest columnist Don Petersen has a point: a warming trend might indeed be welcomed by anyone paying a heating bill.
But people living in New  York’s Lower Manhattan, or other places close to the rising ocean, might not be able to enjoy their savings for long.
Also, it remains to be seen whether anyone paying an air conditioning bill will welcome  the warming trend.
I want to make this short.
The time has come for people like myself  who are professionally engaged in climate prediction work (as opposed to, say, toxicology) to stop arguing with skeptics and deniers.
We should instead relish contributions like Mr. Peterson’s for their raw entertainment value.
Scientifically, what he says about toxins may be true, but what he says about climate is uninformed, in a literally eye-watering way.
Dear L.A. Monitor, please print more guest editorials of this kind.

Rainer Bleck
Los Alamos
(Columbia University,
Goddard Institute for Space Studies)