Two party system has got to go

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Mr. Pawlak was so close to “hitting the nail on the head with the hammer”, (I believe that was one of Reagan’s favorite sayings, but I may be wrong). There’s only one problem this country has that is going to be our downfall within a generation. The two party system.
 It has allowed us to make it impossible for third party candidates to even (unconstitutionally) qualify to run, it has eliminated (unconstitutionally) write in ballots, it has (unconstitutionally) allowed corporations to be defined as “people” as well as allow them and people whether Americans or foreigners to pour unlimited amounts of money to whatever candidate they want to bribe, it has allowed Congress to write legislation making legal for members of Congress that which is illegal for the rest of us like “insider trading.”
It compels members of Congress to get on TV and rage against taxing the rich no matter how many of the rich complain their not taxed enough, it compels Congress to rage against free speech as Quote, “they scare me,” John Boehner speaking about the Occupy Protest.
 They should scare you and any one else who believes in the extraordinarily corrupt and getting worse by the day government we have in this country.
 But the worse thing the two party system allows is that everybody is 100 percent right and anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest is 100 percent wrong!
The Tea Party is the worst offender of this with their “No Compromise, Take No Prisoners” attitude!
Yet they are nothing but a big fake! I grew up in Boston, I know what the Boston Tea Party was and why it happened. It was not so we could be 100 percent right and disobey the King and let’s start a war like the Tea Party of today would like to believe.
The Founding Fathers were very distressed about the whole thing. They loved their home country. They considered themselves English and just wanted a say in their future even if outvoted in the Parliament.
They didn’t even fight back after the Boston Massacre. But yes eventually they did fight back at Lexington and Concord. To ensure that every American could be heard and disputes solved by compromise!
 The heart of our constitution is compromise. Greg White’s rights stop where yours start, and yours stop where Greg White’s start.
 The Tea Party movement and Republicans mock and dishonor the blood of every service member who ever gave his life or limb for this country from the revolution through the current Afghanistan conflict! They mock and dishonor the Constitution of the United States by seeking to divide that union!
 And the Democrats aren’t any better. They either cave in to the Republican demands or propose their own ways to destroy the country like the “payroll tax cut.” If it was called what it is, “the social security cut to help it go bankrupt faster” I doubt they’d be pushing it so hard.
 We are the only country in the world who calls itself a Republic and has less than five viable parties. By that I mean that a member of that party can actually win the highest office in the land, president, prime minister or whatever. This forces every other country to have to compromise with all the parties to build a coalition so any law can be passed at all.
 Yes, the two-party system is literally killing this wonderful beautiful country. And if people like the Occupy Movement don’t force peaceful change then the question Francis Scott Key asked will no longer be affirmed and the Star Spangled Banner will no longer wave and there will be no land of the free or home of the brave.
 Never happen! We will survive our internal strife.
 Ask the Romans, the Syrians, the Greeks, the Mesopotamians how well internal corruption and civil immorality and homosexuality worked for them.
Greg White
Los Alamos