Two friends to perform Thursday

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By Kirsten Laskey

If you go to the Guitar and Gateaux series Thursday and see New Mexico Guitar Duo at 7 p.m. at Fuller Lodge, there is no need to wonder if the show will be any good.

 Mickey Jones and Jeremy Mayne, have appeared in the series three times and organizer Greg Schneider said they have never disappointed.

There is no reason, Schneider added, to believe the upcoming concert will be anything other than a wonderful event.

What supports this guarantee?

Schneider said, “They’re both former students of Mike Chapdelaine one of the best guitarists, period.”

Plus, Jones and Mayne have passed on their knowledge to others, he added.

As teachers at Albuquerque Academy, they have helped push students’ careers by helping young musicians get accepted to prominent universities and receive significant scholarships.

Schneider describes the duo’s style as eclectic and it will be featured in the program Thursday.

Mayne said they will offer early 19th century music by composer Fernando Carulli, Spanish arrangements by Miguel Llobet as well as works by composer Emilio Pujol.

Mayne said Carulli wrote for two guitars and while Llobet and Pujol did not, arrangements were successfully done for two guitars.  

“And they’re just really fun to play,” Mayne said.

Jones said they plan to perform two Brazilian tunes, which they played a long time ago. “It’s been fun to get those pieces back out,” he said.

Additionally, the audience will get a sneak peak at Mayne’s and Jones’ upcoming recording, when the duo plays the title song, “La Vida Breve” or “The Short Life.”

Jones said the recording will be their first classical guitar recording.

Both guitarists are eager to return to the show.

“I guess what I enjoy the most (is) the nature of the performance because it is sort of a salon series,” Jones said. “(It) makes it intimate and relaxed … it’s a nice break from the intensity that a concert hall has sometimes.”

Mayne agreed. “We kind of like the venue … it doesn’t have the feel of a concert hall. It’s a nice venue to play classical guitar.”

He explained Fuller Lodge offers an intimate atmosphere and “it’s just kind of nice, we both have fondness for Los Alamos.”

Mayne and Jones are not only a duo, they are close friends.

“We really have just been very close friends,” Jones said. He added he not only gets to perform with a great guitarist but also with a great friend.

Mayne added, when they first met, they were immediately inclined to work together.

“It’s great to be able to play with a high caliber musician who is also my best friend,” he said.

The duo was formed in 1989 and they have performed in the Keller Hall Faculty series, the Grinnell College Performing Arts Series and the Albuquerque Classical Guitar Society.

Next year, Jones said they have the opportunity to perform in Italy and last year, they performed with the Albuquerque Academy Chamber Players.

Tickets for the upcoming Guitar and Gateaux concert cost $10 for Los Alamos Arts Council members and $15 for non-members. Before the music begins, dessert will be served.

The Los Alamos Arts Council sponsors the guitar series.