To Tweet or not to Tweet

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By John Pawlak

Tweeting Dum and Tweeting Dee agree to have a battle. For Tweeting Dum tweeted Tweeting Dee a tweet that twit his trattle.  

I am typing on my computer. My dog just walked into the room. I am drinking a cup of green tea. A car beeped its horn outside. I’m typing some more.

How tweet it is!  A tweet is a brain dump of short-term memory, a statement of nothing about nothing special that no one cares about. It’s Twitter at its best (or worst) and it’s a sign of the times.  If you don’t know what Twitter is, you’re in a shrinking minority (and happier for it).

Put technically, tweeting is “text-based micro-blogging.” Twitter messages (called Tweets) inform an uninterested world that you are doing something equally uninteresting. It could be anything. People tweet that they are eating, what they are eating, whether or not they enjoyed what they ate. They tweet that they’re petting their dog, that they’re watching TV and even tweet that they’re tweeting. It’s like an excuse to announce every boring event in one’s life as if to underscore how little one really does in a 24-hour day.

Tweets are often written in cryptic form, easily understood by those who Twitter all the time.