Troubled by Nugent statement

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I am troubled by the Ted Nugent interview that was published in the Los Alamos Monitor’s July 4 issue. The depiction of Nugent with a Native American headdress coupled with the statement needs to be addressed:
“I always played cowboys and Indians, and I was always the Indian,’ Nugent said when asked about his affinity toward Native Americans and their culture, as evidenced by him wearing native headdresses while performing on stage.”
This statement is troubling because there is no indication that the Los Alamos Monitor reached out to Tesuque Pueblo for their input concerning Nugent’s offensive portrayal of Native American culture. It is important to remember that Nugent performed within the confines of the Camel Rock Casino, not in the Pueblo itself. And it does not mean that he was positively received by members of the Pueblo. Please be aware of such issues regarding our Pueblo neighbors in future published pieces.
David Holtkamp