Treat everyone like a toddler

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

I hope as you look back on 2010, you were proud of the time you spent supporting the youth of the community as they grow each day.
While your interaction with children may not be plentiful, hopefully any opportunity was used to build assets.
Our work in the community does not come to an end as we approach the end of the calendar year, but begins anew with endless opportunities to build relationships with the future of our country.
I hope you will pledge in the New Year find a way to let kids know you care. Our “take a second, make a difference” motto does not take a break either. One of my goals is to empower you to make a difference in any way that feels comfortable to you.
Perhaps you notice an article in the Los Alamos Monitor about a student; take that opportunity to clip it out and send them the copy along with a note. There’s always a need for an extra copy and recycling will never have felt so good.
Take the opportunity to tell the reporter that wrote it, that you liked it, too. Did you know the best way to see more of what you like is to tell the people in charge that something was good?
When you hear someone, youth or adult on AM 1490, KRSN for an interview, let them know you were listening and tell them what you liked.
Spend some time, any time in 2011, letting people know about the good things. Take a second and make a difference, in any given opportunity and if possible every single day. It will help you sleep better at night.
Did a chef prepare a good meal? Did your postal carrier bring your package to the door instead of stuffing it in the box? Yes, while some items fall under the job description, not everyone goes above and beyond the call of duty anymore.
Isn’t that the reason you tell a toddler good job for the slightest accomplishment? Maybe if we were all treated like gleeful toddlers, with people going out of their way to be friendly or make a googly face to get you to smile, adoring your thunder thighs and chubby tummy, hey maybe we could be on to something that could change the world.
Be careful out there in 2011. Let those LAHS seniors know that time is fleeting and to enjoy the ride, the best is yet to come.
Bernadette Lauritzen is the Assests Coordinator for Los Alamos, sponsored by the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce. Tickets for the 2nd annual Community Asset Awards, Jan 8th are available for $10 and available by calling 661-4846. No tickets will be available at the door.