Traveling the world in search of science

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By Gabriel Vasquez

After growing up in an academic realm immersed in science and technology, and living under a roof with two scientists he referred to as Mom and Dad, 23-year-old Los Alamos whiz kid Naveen Sinha has gotten to travel the world sharing his passion for science.

Replace the rock star posters with vine-like strands of cable crawling up bookshelves stocked with sci-fi books and you’ve got a 17-year-old Sinha’s Los Alamos bedroom.

Where other students had entertainment centers, Sinha had an oscilloscope. Instead of days-old laundry, strewn about were homemade motion detectors, shortwave radios and circuit boards.

“As a result of growing up in Los Alamos and competing in various science fairs, I continued on the path of an experimental physicist,” Sinha said.

As a junior in high school, Sinha beat out 1,200 other gifted students to take the top prize in Intel’s 2002 International Science and Engineering Fair. At the Siemens Westinghouse Technology Competition, Sinha brought home regional honors. In 2003, Intel cut him a $25,000 check for nabbing fifth place in its yearly Talent Search.

Awards from the Acoustical Society of America, NASA, DuPont and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists all fit snugly under his belt.