Time to honor vets

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eterans of Foreign Wars will conduct a commemorative program to honor the Veterans of the United States. The program will be at the VFW building on Deacon Street and is open to the public.
Other community groups will be represented and several speakers and appropriate patriotic programs will be represented.
If your parents are unable to attend this program, I would suggest you take this opportunity to talk to your children about Veterans Day and explain to them what a veteran is and why it is important to know about this federal holiday.
A person who receives and honorable discharge from the military or someone who was killed on active duty is considered a veteran.
Today, we will honor all of these men and women plus all the veterans who participated in previous wars and conflicts in the past.
The military gave us freedom of speech, assembly, religion and the press. These freedoms are part of our American heritage and some of the reasons why our country is great.
Nov. 11 should be more than just another day off. It should be a day of remembrance of what the veterans did for our country and why freedom is so important especially in today’s complicated conflicting world.
Remember freedom is not free. The veterans paid the price and did more than just their share to preserve our great nation.
Thank a veteran for their service, not just on Veterans Day, but every time you see a veteran.
Semper Fi.
Bill Hudson
(WWII, USMC, Iwo Jima veteran)
Los Alamos