Time is of the essence to adopt from shelter

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I want to convince people to adopt a dog from a shelter. People can find dogs at our shelter. All these puppies and dogs need a good home and a good community.
The first reason to  adopt puppies and dogs is that they have good temperments. They are very friendly dogs and they make good companions for people who live alone.  Also, they get you outside.
The second reason to adopt is to give them a good home. They need good leadership and need good structure by using clear rules. To make them happy, they need to play a lot and do tricks.
The third reason to adopt from the shelter is to teach responsibility. For example, you need to feed a dog daily and need to give him daily exercise for getting all of the energy out of him. To keep him healthy (not sick) is to get him to the vet for shots.
Obviously, this is why you need to adopt puppies or dogs from shelters. If you don’t adopt a dog, after a while the shelter will put it to sleep.
If you visit our shelter, you will realize how important it is to adopt.

Andrew Jankowski, student
Pinon Elementary School