Thanks for helping youth

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By Morris B. Pongratz

Dear Editor,

This summer I was asked to organize this year’s United Way Youth Team.  We have an excellent corps of energetic, imaginative and hard-working students. Our first event, “Dinner Over Diamond,” was a resounding success! We were sold out and apologize to any folks who were turned away.

We have many, many folks to thank, especially our co-sponsors from the Los Alamos County Recreation Division.  We could not have succeeded without the expertise and willing cooperation of Garry Wolfe, Kim McCormick and Shana Kapel.  We got amazing support from the United Way staff, especially Marie Marroquin and Carla Gray Weiser. In alphabetical order we also want to thank Aspen Copies, De Colores, Sean French, Steve Girrens, IHM Catholic Church, Kiwanis, KRSN, Bernadette Lauritzen, the Los Alamos Monitor, Los Alamos National Bank, Pilar Marroquin, Dr. Ben, Ruth Ann and Amy Neal, Denise Obermeyer, Cheryl Pongratz, Rick and Debbie Reiss, Smith’s Deli and Bakery, Sharon Stover and Debbie Wersonic.

The real “stars” of the event were the United Way Youth team members led by our event “producer” Keanna Cohen.  The rest of the team members are Nat Gustafson, Aspen Gutgsell, Ben Havemann, Kevin McCurdy, Meghan Montoya, Kelsey Neal, Adam Nekimken, Benigno Sandoval, Chelsy Smith, Andrew Vierra and Beth Wendelberger.  These young people “get it” that the United Way is a wonderful way to show that “People Matter.”

Morris B. Pongratz

United Way Youth Team