A Texas troubadour to visit the Hill

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By Kirsten Laskey

First the Los Alamos Summer Concert Series brought music from Africa to the county; now, it is moving south of the U.S.A.

Texas troubadour Danny Santos will bring in his mix of Tejano music, which is a mix of Texan and Mexican music, along with some Americano style music.

“He’s going to bring something for a different audience,” concert organizer Russ Gordon said. “The audience who likes folk. We (the concert series) play a lot of Americano and folk music.”

Santos said the concert is “going to be kind of a mix bag of sorts.” He described his performance as his own unique brand of Americano.

Gordon said Santos took his unique music to Los Alamos 10 years ago.

Santos said he enjoyed the receptive crowd. “The crowds were very nice, very receptive,” he said.

Gordon explained Santos got his start in music as a teenager at Houston. He formed a rock band but took a break from music after getting married and having kids.

In 1993, however, Gordon said Santos returned to his music.

“He’s been all over the world,” Gordon said. “He’s a Texas troubadour. Great lyrics, great stories.”

Santos said a few of his inspirations are singer-songwriters Townes Van Zandt, Gary Clark, John Prine and Lennon and McCartney. He offers a similar type of music but with a Latin fair due to his Hispanic heritage.

He has performed all over the world and one of the highlights of a live performance, Santos said, is “picking up on the energy.”

He said it is a circular thing; the energy is passed from him and the band to the audience and the audience returns that energy to the band.

Also, as a world-performing musician, Santos said one thing he has learned is “that music is a universal healing thing. Everybody … appreciates music to some degree.”

Los Alamos certainly seems to embrace music. Gordon called this year’s concert series a success.

“They’re going great,” he said. “It’s been our best year yet.”

Gordon credited the acts that have participated in the series.

“Every show has been really wonderful, really good,” he said.

Santos will take the stage at 7 p.m. Friday at the Smith’s Food and Drug and Bandelier Grill parking lot. The concert is free and open to everyone. For more information, e-mail Gordon at russ@gordonsconcerts.com.