Tennis courts get a facelift

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By Jennifer Garcia

Tennis enthusiasts can look forward to improvements being made to the courts located within Los Alamos County very soon.

After lengthy council discussion at a couple of different meetings regarding the maintenance plans for the courts within the county, some tennis courts are currently undergoing resurfacing projects, with plans to fix others to follow soon.

During the May 12 council meeting, Community Services Director Stephani Johnson was in council chambers to present the multi-year maintenance program for the tennis courts.

Following discussion of the maintenance program, Councilor Nona Bowman, seconded by Councilor Vincent Chiravalle, moved that council approve staff’s report on the multi-year maintenance plan and direct the county administrator to request that staff bring further requests for monies forward during the annual budget process. That motion passed 7-0.

A handful of residents turned up at the meetings when the tennis courts maintenance program was on the agenda so they could voice their opinions to council.

They made clear that they felt there was a problem with how the courts were being maintained and stressed to councilors that the problems needed to be fixed.

As a result, DMI an Albuquerque contractor began resurfacing the tennis courts at Rover Park last Friday. The project will take approximately one to one-and-a-half weeks to complete.

Once the resurfacing is completed at Rover, the contractor will then start resurfacing the Canyon and Nina Marsh tennis courts.

Johnson said the work currently being done involves what’s known as an asphalt apron.

“There’s asphalt around most of the courts, on the edge, so when a tennis player backs up to the fence, they’ll step on the asphalt. There’s a lip next to the playing surface,” she explained.

The asphalt at the Urban tennis court was uneven, so Johnson said that the contractors took care of that court right away.

In an effort to maintain the courts, dust is being blown off of them on a daily basis.

In addition, wind and backdrop screens were installed at Myrtle Street, Nina Marsh and Urban Park courts. In the next several weeks, staff will also begin researching the possibility of having heated bathrooms at Urban Park.

Johnson said that’s she’s very pleased with the work that’s being done to the tennis courts. “We’re starting to hear from people and they’re happy with what we’re doing, too,” she said.

The money for the resurfacing projects, according to Johnson, was budgeted in the major maintenance fund.

“We had the monies in there to do the three courts,” she said. “Next year, we’ll do the same thing. We’ll take the monies and continue work on the other courts.”