Taos film company promotes Indie Film by giving away acres

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Taos Land and Film Company (TLFC) is offering an opportunity to win five acres of land in Taos by purchasing a theater ticket to see independent movie, “Ghost Phone.” 

“Ghost Phone” will be shown from Dec. 6–20 at participating Mitchell Theaters located in Taos, Española, Los Lunas, as well as, in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. 

Storyteller Cinema in Taos is located at 110 Old Talpa Cañon Road.

“Ghost Phone” is a dark, romantic comedy produced and directed by Jeffrey F. Jackson through his production company, TLFC, which funds productions through land development in Taos.

Ticket holders are asked to keep ticket stubs until the drawing, each of which contain a tracking number that will serve as the patron’s raffle ticket. On Dec. 23 at Taos Plaza, Taos Mayor Darren Cordova will choose and announce the winning ticket number. The winner will also be announced on TLFC’s website.

Contestants do not need to be present to win, but it is the winning ticket holder’s responsibility to contact TLFC and present their matching half of the winning ticket stub. For complete terms and conditions of the contest, visit taoslandandfilm.com/independent-films/Watch-to-Win-Terms.pdf.

“While other ‘Hollywood Movies’ rely on big star power to drive their films, Taos Land and Film Company is the ‘Little Engine’ that could,” said Darien Fernandez, associate producer of Taos Land and Film Company. “Along with great actors in Ghost Phone, they have a star the Hollywood Studios don’t have—land in the famous artist’s colony of Taos.”

The five acre parcel of land sits atop the mystical mountaintop of Cerro Montoso, home of the historic Taos Talking Pictures Filmmaker’s Colony. Taos Land and Film Company originally implemented the Taos Talking Pictures Film Festival and plans to launch an independent film distribution cooperative as a subsidiary of TLFC.

During the original run of the well-respected Talking Pictures Film Festival, Jackson awarded five-acre land grants to innovative filmmakers. Past winners include Chris Eyre and David Riker. 

The company hopes to eventually offer filmmakers a festival screening, theatrical release, television premieres, and video on demand centered in Taos.

Taos Land and Film Company is located at 1134 Juniper Road in Taos. For more information on Ghost Phone or winning land in Taos, contact Darien Fernandez at 575-779-1478 or darien@taoslandandfilm.com.

More than 40 feature length and made-for-TV movies and documentaries have been filmed in and around Taos, as well as numerous commercials and fashion magazine spreads. 

Taos’ officials website, taos.org, offers a free, self guided “Taos in the Movies” itinerary pinpointing the locations where productions have been filmed. 

Click on “Itineraries” under the “Plan Your Visit” section of taos.org for details.