Taking aim at columnists

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It is unusual to find John Pawlak and Robert Gibson on the same page!
No, not unusual in the Los Alamos Monitor, but both opposing government expenditures as wasteful.
Let me first dispose of John, whose columns I regularly enjoy, as easier. He complains that the US loses $80 million per year minting pennies. This means that it costs each citizen about a quarter each year to maintain the penny. While I also lament that inflation has ruined the meaning of “A penny saved is a penny earned,” this does not seem to me to be exceptionally expensive. Canada and Australia will presumably save only $8 million per year since they are both about one-tenth of the U.S. in every measure except land area. No John, dropping the penny is not the answer; we need massive deflation like we had during the Great Depression! (By the way, did you know that in 1864, a cup of coffee cost about five Confederate dollars?)
Bob is more astonishing. He asserts that our taxes are “already high.”