Support our children

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I am writing in support of the upcoming school bond.  I taught in the Los Alamos Schools for 20 years and am now a Realtor.  As a Realtor I often meet new people in town who are interested in knowing about the quality of our schools and I am always proud to discuss how good they are. 

However, as I drive around town with customers and pass by all seven school buildings, I feel obligated to give the disclaimer: “Please don’t judge our schools by the buildings.  What goes on inside is truly excellent.”  The condition of our school buildings is embarrassing compared to many other places.  I know that our maintenance staff is really good and they have done a miraculous job keeping these buildings together (literally), but Los Alamos deserves better than this. 

Our community’s reputation has always been synonymous with high educational standards and pride in our public schools.  It is time to put our money where our reputation is, and vote for the bond. We need to invest in ourselves and our future now, in order to reap the benefits later.

Los Alamos