In support of the Nature Center

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With respect and sympathy for the needs of other applicants for new facilities, CB Fox wants to go on record as a supporter of the PEEC Nature Center.
Of all the prospective CIP candidates, the Nature Center, placed on Canyon Road, fits Los Alamos’ new Creative District, imparting to the District the non-stop thrum of life that PEEC has already abundantly demonstrated it not only can, but does in fact, deliver every week of the year, year after year.
PEEC’s vitality, transported to the Creative District, adjacent as it is to the west end of Downtown, will predictably support increased shopping and restaurant activity.
Placed as is planned on Canyon Road, the Nature Center (1) becomes a strategic catalyst for development of the Creative District* to an extent that cannot be otherwise matched and (2) becomes a development-momentum builder for all elements of the district. What’s more, the vitality of the district, as it grows, becomes the primary builder of the presence of more and more people on the west end of downtown, an area that more and more needs development attention before the Trinity Project end of the downtown barbell over-weights the distribution of downtown vibrancy in but one direction.