Support the mil levy

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Every person who lives in Los Alamos who has benefitted from education in any way should vote ‘yes’ on the UNM-LA mil levy.
This school is one of the not-so-hidden treasures of our community. It does an incredible job of providing a wide variety of higher education opportunities to high school and college students, as well as community members who are seeking professional development and personal enrichment.
Dual credit courses (taken by 1,399 high school students to date, 794 from LAHS), innovative programs in fire science, EMS certification, robotics and many other classes taught by a highly qualified and capable faculty are just a sampling of what UNM-LA has to offer.
Interestingly enough, the college accomplishes much of this on a shoestring budget. Many people are unaware that UNM-LA receives no funding from the UNM main campus.
Furthermore, its state funding is dwindling, reduced by 38 percent in the last five years while enrollment has increased by 14 percent.
In addition, the presence of a college contributes to higher property values in a community.
The reasonable mill levy is a small price to pay for this economic benefit.
These are excellent reasons among many more to support the recommendation. A minimal, shared investment on our part will enable the college not only to continue to offer its services but to improve them in the years ahead.
I gladly support it and encourage you to vote “yes” on the ballot that will be coming to your home.
Chuck McCullough
Los Alamos