In support of bond issue

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As Executive Director of University of New Mexico – Los Alamos, I want to outline the benefits to the UNM-Los Alamos campus of General Obligation Bond “C” in the Nov. 6 General Election, and why it makes sense to the citizens of Los Alamos.
If Bond C passes in the Nov. 6 General Election, the University of New Mexico Los Alamos will receive $500,000 for renovations and upgrades to its science labs (biology, physics and chemistry).
Bond projects have a positive impact on local economies as the money spent recycles several times, and the construction projects create jobs.   
Construction workers eat shop and stay in the community, and construction companies buy materials from local vendors. This influx of business puts gross receipt and lodgers’ tax dollars into local coffers.  Those who do  not have a direct stake in higher education in Los Alamos still benefit from the shot in the arm to the local economy.