Support bond election effort

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

 What? You want me to vote to raise taxes to support schools when I do not have a child in school? What about the failing economy, the stock market, the mortgage crisis? What is wrong with the schools we have? Children have been attending schools here for years and they are fine. Should seniors have to pay higher taxes to support our schools?   

Look at the beautiful Pojoaque schools. I heard the state gave them lots of money to build those new facilities. What do you mean, Pojoaque pays twice what Los Alamos pays in taxes? And they are “bonded to capacity,” and we are not? So you mean the state only pays the most money to districts to build new schools when the district does all it can on its own – when they are “bonded to capacity?”

Do you mean if we bond ourselves to capacity, the state will give us money to build new schools and all the money absolutely has to go to building new schools not anything else? Wow, students wouldn’t have to go to school where the halls are freezing, the windows shake when the wind blows, where mold grows from the leaking roof and the only air-conditioning is the holes that have rusted through the doors?