Super Blitz kicks off today

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By Special to the Monitor

SANTA FE — New Mexico’s “Spring Super Blitz” begins today and continues daily through March 28. 

This year’s “Spring Super Blitz” includes increased DWI enforcement and features a new ad campaign, which highlights the difficult decisions about the consequences faced by family members when a loved one has been arrested for DWI.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation and law enforcement agencies throughout the state kick-off the Spring Super Blitz with increased DWI operations and mobile electronic signs along roadways featuring various messages to include “Super Blitz March 12-28 Cops Are Everywhere.”

“Super Blitz periods have served as a very effective DWI deterrent tool in New Mexico, as evidenced by downward-trending DWI crash and fatality statistics,” said Gary Giron, Secretary of the New Mexico Department of Transportation in a news release.

Increased law enforcement is accompanied by a new media campaign that sends a powerful message about the consequences of getting arrested for driving impaired.

A TV and radio spot features family members including the wife, sister, and mother discussing the husband’s DWI arrest, the consequences to a family for driving drunk, and the painful decisions that must be made by families of DWI offenders.

The TV spot first aired during the Academy Awards and both TV and radio ads will continue through the month of March.

The message is aimed at the family, hence the slogan has changed: “You Drink, You Drive, Families Lose.”

  Historically, the St. Patrick’s Day holiday, which occurs during the Super Blitz, has exhibited high DWI crash and alcohol-related fatalities; however, for the last three years, alcohol-related crashes have come down and there were no alcohol-related fatalities on St. Patrick’s Day in 2008 or 2009.

“As the weather starts to warm up, we tend to see more people drinking and driving,” said Rachel O’Connor, State DWI Czar. “We hope the citizens of New Mexico will make the right public safety decision and decide not to drink and drive.”

The New Mexico Department of Transportation, Traffic Safety Bureau, has earmarked-federal funds through the end of the year to support DWI enforcement, prevention and education efforts.