Sunset in bill wrong idea

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By Ralph Damiani

We find ourselves in agreement with Gov. Richardson who has complained about the current version of the so-called bill limiting campaign contributions.

The governor is right to complain. While the bill looks good, it is only for two years and then must be renewed.  His comment that this is nothing  but “temporary ethics reform” is on target.

Why is the Legislature doing this? How about because the law applies to them and it seems everytime we turn around they are excluding themselves from this law or that one.

We need real reform, real change. But the bill approved by the Senate Rules Committee is not that. Sure, it caps campaign contributions to candidates, effective in 2011. But it expires in 2013.

Rules Chairwoman Linda Lopez, D-Albuquerque, said the Legislature could revisit the limits in 2013 and make any needed changes. Really? You want to bet if that happens?

Richardson said the so-called sunset provision could mean the end of the law after just two years. He asked lawmakers to remove it.

He is right, they should, but we doubt they will.