Stumping For Education

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LAPS ask legislators to keep school districts in mind during the upcoming legislative session

By Jennifer Garcia

There’s a new sheriff in town at Santa Fe’s capitol and the new administration has Los Alamos Public School officials worried about what that means for education.
On Tuesday morning, LAPS Superintendent Gene Schmidt, along with School Board President Melanie McKinley and Vice President Joan Ahlers hosted a brunch attended by Sen. Richard C. Martinez, D-N.M. and Rep. Jeannette Wallace, R-N.M. Los Alamos County Council Chair Mike Wismer and Los Alamos National Bank President Bill Enloe also were in attendance, in addition to representatives from Los Alamos National Laboratory. The brunch gave “the community and the legislature an opportunity to work together to discover how to continue our successes and meet our students’ needs,” Schmidt said.
Aspen Elementary School Principal Kathryn Vandenkieboom welcomed the legislators and guests in the gymnasium, followed by a musical program performed by the Aspen Tiger Choir.
Wismer began the legislative briefing by saying that Los Alamos places a high value on education.
“They’re not empty words we use for political campaigns,” he said. “We want students to enter into life with the right life skills.”
Some of the requests LAPS officials asked Martinez and Wallace to consider during the upcoming legislative section include