Students take a stand for the unborn

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By Tom Hanlon

A new teenage group has come to Los Alamos, and its focus is protecting the unborn.
Every day abortions are performed in the United States, and the mission of Students for Life Los Alamos (SFLLA) is to stop this occurrence.
SFLLA was started in September 2013 and is affiliated with SFLA, a national non-profit pro-life organization dedicated to abolishing abortion in the United States.
SFLA is the largest youth pro-life organization in the country and is committed to training college, high school, medical school and law school students to stand up for life on their campuses.
Sophomore Michael Booton, who wants to protect the unborn here in Los Alamos, contacted SFLA about starting a local group. “I heard about SFLA through their national coordinator, and it sounded like a great idea,” Booton said.
Booton is the president of the Los Alamos group and is assisted by a staff of five other students who help him coordinate events and raise awareness about abortion, euthanasia and infanticide. “SFLLA will be promoting pro-life events and hosting pro-life events. The goal of SFLLA is to educate students to better inform them about this issue,” Booton said.
He explained that most pro-life students are not informed enough to effectively defend their stance on abortion. “The goal is to educate the student populace to change the future views of America. If you change the views of the students, then you change the views of America,” Booton said.
To achieve this goal, the SFLLA is planning to host pro-life dinners, open forum debates and other campaigns to inform young people about the pro-life stance. “We want to convince people that abortion is morally unacceptable,” Booton said.
While discussing life issues is SFLLA’s primary mission, the group also offers support for students who have been affected by abortion.
SFLLA members are high school students reaching out to fellow high schoolers and are currently trying to become an official club at Los Alamos High School. They are optimistic and positive about the process.
The group is open to any and all high-school-age teenagers and meets on a regular basis.
For further information
contact Booton at students4lifeofla@gmail.com.