Students avoid LANL budget cutbacks

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Lab: LISC still charged with trimming $200M

The Los Alamos National Laboratory Integrated Stewardship made some decisions regarding its student hiring process, according to the lab’s internal website this week.

The LISC, which is trying to make financial decisions in order to achieve $200 million in savings across the lab, announced it would not be mandating specific cuts to the number of students or require a specific cost reduction to student programs.

“The PADs (Principal Associate Directors) and their ADs (Associate Directors) will manage student numbers and costs for their organizations in accordance with this decision,” the website said. “As such, PADs and their line managers will make the determination of how many and which students they will be hiring or inviting to return.”

The LISC also announced that the standards have been raised for students, who are interested in working at the lab. The lab is requiring slightly higher grade-point average requirements.

The report said, “The laboratory and students may be better served if we have fewer students with more meaningful mentoring and greater in-depth experiences. Taking advantage of returning students is another opportunity for increasing the return on the laboratory’s investment. … An equally important role for mentors and line managers is to make sure students have realistic expectations about future employment opportunities and to help them develop future career options whether at LANL or elsewhere.”

The lab also posted the following statistics regarding its students.
• In FY11, 40 percent of all new hires, 70 percent of all R&D hires, and 80 percent of non-management PhD technical staff hires were former students or postdocs.
• As of September 2011, 30 percent of all LANL employees, 56 percent of R&D scientists and engineers, and 24 percent of managers are former students or postdocs.
Lab director Charlie McMillan established the LISC in December.
Rich Marquez, who reports to McMillan as part of the senior management team at the lab, leads the LISC, which includes Terry Wallace of Global Security (PADGS), Bret Knapp of Weapons Programs (PADWP), Carl Beard of Operations and Business (PADOPS), Alan Bishop of Science, Technology, and Engineering (PADSTE), and Paul Henry of Capital Projects (PADCAP).