Stay involved during the journey

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By Bernadette Lauritzen

The time has finally arrived and I’m so excited for you.
Yes, it is hard to believe another year of school is about to start, but it lies here before us.
There is so much preparation that has been done and continues to be done, right up until those bus doors open.
If you are a parent of a kindergarten student, I am most excited for you. This is a journey, not a race and the trip can be largely what you make it.
This is true for every age, every grade, even those headed for the halls of college, those returning to school to earn a degree later in life and just gaining a few needed credits to accomplish a goal.
If you have children in elementary, middle or high school, stay engaged in the journey.
I realize that school is that school is the vocation of our youth. Now I know it would sound better to them if that vocation involved a paycheck, maybe we could call it resume building volunteer work.
The point is, chances are you couldn’t do you job without a few people helping you out, so stay on the journey with your kids.
One of the big keys is to stay involved throughout the entire journey.
Do you know what makes kindergarten so great? The smell of that new box of crayons? The fact that kindergarten teachers are so awesome?
Well yes, but it is the level of engagement of the parents that isn’t assumed or expected, it just seems to take place.
On the first day, the student is heralded going out the door whether they are headed for the big yellow bus or simply stroll across the street.
We smile we wave, we ask them every day how their day was and what they did at school. At some point we lose the enthusiasm and I hazard to say, they do as well.
Now I know we can’t keep the same level up or volunteer in the same way, but one thing we can do is to remain positive.
Help them stay on task, find positive things to say when the chips are down. It is just as easy to say something kind as it is to tear someone down, be it your student or a staff member.
I’m saying that many of the people in the school buildings may draw a paycheck, but they are really there because they love kids.
The teachers, the secretaries, the custodians, the instructional assistants, the coaches, the bus drivers and the administration team, YEP, they love your kids each and every day.
Don’t let one bad apple or experience ruin the whole process for you, get back in the game and have a wonderful year.
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