Standing up for Luján

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 It appears that there are some misleading statements in the ViewPoint article the Los Alamos Monitor published Sunday, March 11. Mr. Newton states that Congressman Ben Ray Luján  “has chosen the narrow partisan interest of President Obama over the jobs of highly skilled workers in northern New Mexico.”
 If Mr. Newton had done his research he would have seen that Congressman Lujan did not support the Budget Reduction Act that the Tea Party group fiercely fought for in Congress.
The Tea Party’s demand was for drastic cuts to government spending all across the country that would immediately eliminate jobs wherever there was a cut in funding. That some of these cuts should affect Los Alamos, although tragic, is no surprise.
Our Congressman has stood up for Los Alamos as evidenced by letters from him to the NNSA administrator and his opposition to the Budget Control Act. Similar efforts by Senators Bingaman and Udall and Congressman Heinrich show their support for the work being done at Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories/Albuquerque.
So the “blame”, if we choose to use that term, is not with Congressman Lujan but with the Tea Party, of which Mr. Newton is a member, that holds Congress hostage. They have demanded that the spending stops and that will always mean jobs lost somewhere.
Karyl Ann Armbruster
Los Alamos