Spreading the spirit of God

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By Kirsten Laskey

One of Rev. Allen Weiser’s greatest joys is to get amongst people and pray with them. Beginning Sunday, he will indulge in his drive to spread the spirit of God by evangelizing to area United Pentecostal Churches.

On Sunday, Weiser, who is the co-founder of Hope Fellowship in Los Alamos, will preach at 10 a.m. at the Apostolic Lighthouse, a United Pentecostal Church in Española.

On July 23, Weiser will travel to the Pentecostal Texico district’s family camp and Holy Ghost Crusade in Amarillo, Texas, to be one of the featured speakers.

He is also taking his ministry to Las Vegas, N.M., Amarillo, Texas, Rio Rancho, Tohatchi and Española.

Weiser explained, “We have a program in our district, Brother 2 Brother, it is to encourage other ministers to work (together) and to encourage not only them but the people of their church.”

He added he decided to expand his ministry to area Pentecostal churches because to evangelize has been a dream of his.

Plus, he has a desire to see people filled with the spirit of God.

His wife, Carla said, “He loves to get amongst people and pray with them.”

Weiser added, “I enjoy ministering to their congregations and the main objective is to see other people filled with the spirit of God.”

Another objective is to reach those who are “unchurched” or individuals who do not belong to a particular church and struggle with faith.

“To see the gifts of the Spirit in action is what I enjoy,” Weiser said.

To accomplish this, Weiser turns to evangelizing, which differs from preaching.

Preaching, he explained, is more focused on teaching and training.

Evangelizing, however, not only reaches out to the minister, but also to the unchurched in a community.

The Weisers formed Hope Fellowship in 2006. Through Hope Fellowship, they offer free home Bible studies and distribute free educational literature.

Despite traveling to other churches in the area, Hope Fellowship still plans to offer Bible studies, worship and ministry to Los Alamos.