Something’s Cooking at the Spitfire Grill

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By Brenna Moore

In this week’s edition of Gilead’s Gossip, I sit down with someone we all are very familiar with — the owner of our Spitfire Grill, Hannah Ferguson.

As we all know, Hannah isn’t the most cheerful resident of our Wisconsin town, but lately she seems to be walking with what seems to be the tiniest spring in her step.

Hopefully my curiosity will once again discover the reason for this most unexpected development.

EK: Hannah, as the owner of the only grill in town, it is not a surprise that you have many loyal customers, because there is nowhere else to eat. But lately it seems as though your customers are leaving your grill somehow more satisfied than they have in the past. Can you tell us why that could be?

HF: Are you including yourself in this group of “customers” Effy? Because I must say, you seem to be as nosy and as sour as ever.

EK: We are not talking about me, Hannah Ferguson. Do you think it might have something to do with that new waitress you hired a while back? Percy Talbott? Although I don’t see how that could be it ... she seems so ... questionable.

HF: Everyone seems questionable to you, Effy.

EK: Ahem. How did Percy come to work at the grill, anyway?

HF: Sheriff Joe Sutter brought her to the grill when she arrived in town. He figured it might be the best place for her.

EK: And do you agree?

HF: I wasn’t too keen on the idea in the beginning. The only other time I had taken someone in was when I took in a stray dog and had to replace all my carpets.

EK: And how do you feel now? Have you had to replace any items due to Percy’s... nature?

HF: Why don’t you just come out and say what you mean, Effy, instead of beating around the bush?

EK: Well, isn’t it strange to have an ex-convict working for you?

HF: I won’t lie, Percy and I clashed somewhat at the start, but if you got to know her, Effy, I think you’d be whistling a different tune.

EK: I can’t say I have much of a plan for getting to know an ex-convict.

HF: Look, there is something about Percy, doesn’t matter if you agree or not. I think she is just what this town needed.

EK: Or maybe you mean what you needed in order to step down as owner of the Spitfire Grill?

HF: Now what are you on about, Effy?

EK: Do you mind telling us about this contest you are running?

HF: Not gonna happen, Effy. I’m not going to tell all your readers about something that is, surprise surprise, none of your business. At least not yet anyway.