Someone should tell what’s happening

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By Ralph Damiani

Tuesday night the school board was taken through the steps of the Trinity Place partnership between the school district and the county.

Fair enough.

Superintendent Mary McLeod and board member Joan Ahlers presented a slide show.

Sounds good.

Then Ahlers told the board that all the information presented is subject to change.

What? It is here that we become lost.

The vote on this project was, what, two years ago? The county is well along the way in building up the Airport Basin site in preparation of moving out of the Trinity Drive location.

But the information the district has from the county on the project is subject to change?

What in the world is going on?

We have asked county officials about the development and all we are told is that negotiations with Boyer are on-going.

Still? Really? We thought that the election had settled this and all that was left was to sign the papers. That is what we were told.

Yet more than two years later, the only answer we can get from the county is they are still talking. Talking about what?

Come on!

Ahlers even went on the say that she was “presenting what the documents reflect presently. We are still working diligently with the county.”

Still working? Sorry, we are lost here.

Is there a deal with Boyer or not. We think someone, somewhere needs to give the residents of this county a straight answer. It has been two years and the county has spent how many millions on the Basin site.

Yet, with no contract and no Trinity Place, what is it for? We deserve an answer.

And, as Ahlers alluded to, is the county obligated to pay the district $428,053 in annual rent under the Master Ground Lease from funds the county is receiving from Boyer even if there is no contract with Boyer?

Ahlers said that the county and the district will execute the Airport Basin Facilities lease jointly.


McLeod said that none of the transactions will become effective until the State Board of Finance has approved all documents.

When does she expect to present these documents to the state? When will the county present them to the schools?

When will any of us know what is going on?

John Wolfe, director of business services, said the district will pay its share of the Trinity site demolition costs through money accumulated in CDs.

Staff will then vacate the buildings, if the county has entered into a development sublease. However, two administrative buildings will not be vacated until the development sublease is executed.

So the district will pay for demolition regardless of the status of the project? Does that make any sense?

So we are all in a holding pattern – the one we have been on for far too long.

We wish someone in the county or on the council would step up and answer these questions. This has been going on for far too long and we all deserve to have our government move out of the dark and give us some light.