Softball: Hilltopper final statistics of 2009 season

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By The Staff

Los Alamos Hilltopper softball team pitcher Monika Teter had a statistically-brilliant first varsity season in 2009.

Teter, a freshman, was among the top pitchers in the state in strikeouts and earned-run average for the 2009 season, which ended in mid-May. Teter, who posted a record of 6-3 this season, finished with an ERA of 2.48, which placed her just outside of the top 20 pitchers in the state.

Statewide statistics were complied by the New Mexico Overtime Sports Center (NMOTSC.com).

Offensively for the Hilltoppers, Yvette Padilla had a .462 batting average to lead the team, while Teter’s freshman battery partner, Micaela Christensen, led Los Alamos with 26 hits on the season.

Nyleen Cook, who was named as an alternate to this year’s North-South All-Star Game, finished with a team-leading 25 RBI.

Los Alamos manager, Roger Anaya, said Cook was put on the roster for the All-Star series due to an injury. The Class 4A-5A All-Star series will be played in Clovis Friday and Saturday.

Cook, a senior, also had a .310 batting average and pounded out 22 hits on the year.

Los Alamos finished as the District 2AAAA runner-up behind Española Valley this season. It pulled off one of the most remarkable upsets of the softball postseason with its first round victory over Farmington, but was bounced from the tournament with two straight losses after its upset win.

Here are the top statistical leaders in each offensive and pitching category and statistical leaders for the Hilltoppers this season. Players are from Los Alamos unless otherwise indicated. Information is provided by New Mexico Overtime Sports Center and the Hilltopper softball program.

Batting average (min. 10 at-bats)

Krynisha Betoni, Bloomfield, .655

Shaylin Brown, Volcano Vista, .573

Jessica Encinias, Robertson, .556

Stephanie Brown, Silver, .551

Jordan Lovato, Miyamura, .550

Yvette Padilla, .462

Micaela Christensen, .388

Shauni Williams, .386

Shannon Krause, .350

Stephanie Abney, .333

Monika Teter, .333

Ashley Valdez, .318

Nyleen Cook, .310

Arielle Owens, .226

Kristina Radosevich, .211

Shelby Courtright, .192

Samantha D’Anna, .122


Laura Sandoval, Del Norte, 48

Valerie Swedberg, Cibola, 47

Shaylin Brown, Volcano Vista, 47

Alex Marquez, Volcano Vista, 43

Santana Martinez, Oñate, 42

Kristi Covarrubia, Oñate, 42

Micaela Christensen, 26

Stephanie Abney, 24

Nyleen Cook, 22

Brianna Radosevich, 15

Ashley Valdez, 14

Yvette Padilla, 12

Shelby Courtright, 10

Kristina Radosevich, 8

Shannon Krause, 7

Arielle Owens, 7

Shauni Williams, 6

Samantha D’Anna, 6

Monika Teter, 4

Vanna Knapp, 1

Mariah Zerr, 1


Latainna Eltsosie, Cibola, 46

Kim Petty, Del Norte, 43

Santana Martinez, Oñate, 42

Brandi Diaz, Cobre, 42

Monica Rivera, Santa Fe, 41

Laura Sandoval, Del Norte, 41

Nyleen Cook, 25

Stephanie Abney, 23

Micaela Christensen, 22

Ashley Valdez, 12

Yvette Padilla, 9

Brianna Radosevich, 7

Samantha D’Anna, 6

Kristina Radosevich, 5

Shauni Williams, 4

Arielle Owens, 4

Shannon Krause, 3

Shelby Courtright, 3

Monika Teter, 1

Stolen bases

Kristina Radosevich, 18

Brianna Radosevich, 17

Micaela Christensen, 14

Ashley Valdez, 11

Nyleen Cook, 11

Stephanie Abney, 10

Yvette Padilla, 9

Shelby Courtright, 5

Shannon Krause, 3

Shauni Williams, 3

Samantha D’Anna, 3

Monika Teter, 2

Arielle Owens, 2

Vanna Knapp, 1

Mariah Zerr, 1

Slugging pct. (min. 10 at-bats)

Micaela Christensen, .612

Yvette Padilla, .538

Stephanie Abney, .486

Nyleen Cook, .437

Monika Teter, .417

Brianna Radosevich, .409

Ashley Valdez, .409

Shannon Krause, .350

Shauni Williams, .333

Kristina Radosevich, .263

Arielle Owens, .258

Shelby Courtright, .250

Samantha D’Anna, .163

Pitching wins

Annamarie Rascon, Silver, 28

Missy Martinez, Cibola, 27

Katera Eltsosie, Volcano Vista, 21

Rani Faulkenberry, Artesia, 20

Santana Martinez, Oñate, 19

Monika Teter, 6

Stephanie Abney, 5

Brianna Radosevich, 2


Missy Martinez, Cibola, 333

Rani Faulkenberry, Artesia, 268

Tristin Moore, Piedra Vista, 266

Annmarie Rascon, Silver, 262

Maureen Trujillo, Socorro, 248

Monika Teter, 137

Stephanie Abney, 55

Brianna Radosevich, 18


Karysta Donisthorpe, Piedra Vista, 0.38

Missy Martinez, Cibola, 0.54

Annmarie Rascon, Silver, 0.69

Kellie Mason, Bloomfield, 0.76

Michelle Leyba, Eldorado, 0.76

Monika Teter, 2.48

Brianna Radosevich, 4.27

Catching innings

Micaela Christensen, 102

Samantha D’Anna, 38

Catching, stealing throw-outs

Samantha D’Anna, 11

Micaela Christensen, 6