Smith’s: Union wants proprietary information

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By Garrison Wells

Smith’s Food & Drug Stores will likely not provide some of the financial information demanded by its union, a spokesman for the company said Tuesday.
United Food and Commercial Workers is asking for several bits of information from the company, including earnings, salaries of some employees and future development plans among other bits of information.
The union also charges Smith’s with bad faith bargaining and unfair labor practices.
The two local Smith’s stores, in Los Alamos and White Rock, are represented by UFCW Local 1564.
The corporation’s stance virtually guarantees it will meet with an administrative law judge in Albuquerque in October.
Smith’s spokeswoman Marsha Gilford said such claims by the union as it tries to negotiate a new contract were not unexpected.
“It’s not unusual for labor negotiations to give rise to these types of complaints,” she said.
What’s more, much of the information that the union wants is ‘competitively sensitive.”
“Smith’s has already provided a significant amount of information about our business to the union, but we believe these particular requests are for information that is competitively sensitive, confidential and proprietary,” she said. “Given the nature of that information, we believe we are not legally obligated to provide it.”
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