Smith’s helps hungry kids, families

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Recently, The Food Depot had the pleasure of participating in the grand opening of Smith’s Marketplace. During the transition from their former location, Smith’s donated fresh produce and other food to The Food Depot, Northern New Mexico’s food bank.

At the same time, they gave a gift of $1,000. These donations alone provided more than 4,000 meals for people experiencing hunger.
Smith’s consistently supports the hunger-relief efforts of nonprofits such as LA Cares, Delancey Street Foundation and The Food Depot by making daily donations of food. When Smith’s pulls food from their shelves because it may not be of the quality they require for the customers, the food may be nearing its sell by date, or the food’s packaging is damaged, they then donate that food to these nonprofits.
This food is good food that would end up in a dumpster if not for Smith’s commitment to community. Smith’s employees spend extra work time determining which food can be set aside for donating.
The Food Depot is grateful to Smith’s and their employees for their dedication to ending hunger in Northern New Mexico. Because of their commitment, thousands of hungry New Mexicans have access to healthy, nutritious meals.
New Mexico is first of the 50 states in child hunger and fifth in overall hunger. When faced with such an overwhelming crisis, we are grateful to count Smith’s Marketplace among our true allies in the work to end hunger.

Sherry Hooper
Executive Director
The Food Depot