Smart Meter study open to all residents

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Los Alamos County and White Rock residents are invited to sign up for the 100 Smart Meter Seasonal Study. The study, which will support global research for residential smart grids, is a partnership between DPU, Japan’s New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) and Toshiba.
These groups, along with research partners Marketwave and iThink, are working together to measure electric usage behavior during the various seasons of the calendar year. This involves measuring electric usage behavior in response to pricing signals, called “demand response.”
The study originally intended to focus on residents of North and Barranca Mesa, and, with an outcome of over 650 participants, project representatives from Marketwave are aiming to recruit the remaining residents of the Mesas. Recruitment will end on May 28, and representatives will use phone calls, door-to-door conversations, and flyers as means of communication with the residents.
Now open to residents outside the Mesas, the study is in need of 100 households to participate in the year-long program. Participants will be chosen on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Residents can visit losalamosnm.us/utilities/Pages/MesaSmartMeterStudy.aspx to learn more and take the online survey in order to sign up. Study participation is completely separate from a household’s electric bill, and there is no cost to participate.
In order to access the Mesa Smart Meter Study, residents can visitrmrsurveys2.com/LosAlamos. Once the survey is completed, a participant is officially entered into the study. Qualified residents can also earn up to $100 in Amazon.com gift cards for participating.