Six more applications reviewed at public hearing

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By Jennifer Garcia

The Capital Improvement Projects application review process is still underway. The first in a series of four meetings was held last week, during which six applications were reviewed.


The committee in charge of reviewing the applications held another meeting on Tuesday night in Council Chambers, where another five applications were reviewed.


The list for Tuesday night’s agenda was as follows:


• Senior Center — 2nd story addition: This project would add a second story to the Betty Ehart Senior Center. According to the application that was submitted, council has not formally approved the Phase 1 process, however, this project is Phase 3 of the Master Plan for the facility.


The phase has not changed from the initial plan and is using the same footprint as the current Day Out Facility below. The cost of this project is estimated to be $1,393,610.


• Southwest Reading/Research Room in Mesa Public Library: Because the library is running out of shelving space for the collection, a strategy has been developed that would collect the Los Alamos and Southwestern materials in a single area.


The CIP application is for a 500-square-foot room to be built within the library that would house the collection. It’s been estimated that the cost would be over the $50,000 ceiling for small projects, therefore, a CIP application was submitted.


• Arts Center at Fuller Lodge: According to the application, the proposal is to obtain Phase 1 approval of a Capital Improvement Project for the south and west wings of Fuller Lodge.


The project will correct health and safety issues with the current structure; bring the building into compliance with current fire, building and electrical codes; provide access for handicapped persons; remove and sequester asbestos used in the building; reduce maintenance costs; and relocate the Arts Center program of classes and workshops for adults, children, youth and the developmentally disabled into the second floor of the west wing.


The estimated cost of this project is $50,000.


• Golf Course building and cart barn: The application is to develop a programmatic study to assess the current clubhouse and cart barn to determine if it is practical to remodel the current facilities to serve the needs of the public and staff, or if it will be more cost efficient to rebuild a new facility at the same location.


The Los Alamos County Recreation Division will proceed accordingly, dependent upon the outcome of the assessment. The estimated project cost is $50,000 for an architect engineer study.


• Canyon Rim Trail Phase 1 and 2: According to the application, the Los Alamos County Canyon Rim Trail project will provide a safe, scenic and easily accessible trail corridor along the south edge of Los Alamos Mesa.


The hard-surface, universally accessible trail will serve the community by providing recreational opportunities for all citizens, particularly families; providing an alternative transportation route between the downtown area and the growing facilities, both County and private, immediately south of the Los Alamos Airport; and providing a scenic attraction that will draw visitors to Los Alamos.


The initial phase of the Canyon Rim Trail is proposed to be 7,675 feet long and will cost an estimated $50,000.


Community Development Director Rick Bohn is pleased with the turnout that he’s seen so far at the public hearings.


“Things are going very well. We got an excellent turnout of applications,” he said. A total of 23 applications were submitted for CIP projects and the committee has been reviewing 5-6 per public hearing. “The meetings have been running about three hours each because there were a lot of people who wanted to speak,” Bohn commented. He also said that the best public hearing turnout so far was the first one, during which the White Rock CIP applications were reviewed.


The last public hearing will be held Friday at 5:30 p.m. in Council Chambers. The public is encouraged to attend this last meeting.