Six Monkeys: A visitor from another folder

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By Kelly Dolejsi

Today, we are quite excited to scratch our armpits and other body parts in front of Ed Bonelli, who is visiting from a different folder in the computer we live in when we’re not in the newspaper.

Ed is a character in a new, unpublished play. He doesn’t do much in the play, other than occupy a living room, and as far as we can tell, he doesn’t do anything outside of it. However, we like his company, if only because we’re sick of each others’, and we like pestering him with questions.

Monkeys: Ed, why don’t you tell us about the play?

Ed: It’s about … Do you want to know what I think it’s about or what my brother thinks it’s about?

Monkeys: Let’s start with the title.

Ed: It has a title?

Monkeys: Most plays do.

Ed: Like Sir Elton John?

Monkeys: You know Elton John has been knighted but you don’t know the title of your play?

Ed (nodding): You have to understand, I’m written. So sometimes the playwright gives me lines I would never say. It’s like sometimes I get to talk and sometimes she does – like we share one body. Although, I might not have a body, so – one voice, I guess.

Monkeys: We love our bodies. They’re old and shedding from strange places but at least they still stink.