Sipping the tea of ignorance

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By John Pawlak

Why do babies cry?  The reason is simple enough — they learn to do what works.  Babies learn that crying gets attention, brings food, gets them what they want at the moment.
Adults aren’t all that different from babies.  We learn to do what works.
 While campaigning back in 2008, President Obama angered Pennsylvanian voters when he characterized them as one issue voters clinging to their ideals on guns, God or gays.
 In my opinion, he was being far too generous.  Many people are zero-issue voters, thinking of little more than how to get what they want (at the expense of anyone else).  “Thinking” might be too strong a word here.  The mucus that resides between their ears has little to do with thought.
 And once again, the regressive baggers are humming hymnal harbingers of the hideous hazards of hedonistic heteroclite homosexuals!  Their antipathetic alliterations do little to hide the fact that they can’t muster up a reasonable debate on any issue.
 Like crying babies, they sip the tea of ignorance and continue to do what works (for them).  And what works is hate.
 Love it or hate it, nothing gathers votes more than a generous helping of hate (with a side dish of sectarian rhetoric).  It’s a zero issue mentality that can justify almost any agenda.
As Voltaire once said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
 And what could possibly be more absurd than hating people for loving each other?
 I watched a video the other day of a four-year old boy brought up onto a stage in front of the congregation of the “Apostolic Truth Tabernacle” in Greensburg, Indiana.  The boy sang a song that prompted cheers and applause from the audience.
 With a cute little rap-beat, the boy finished the song with the lyrics, “Romans one!  Twenty seven!  Ain’t no homo gonna make it to heaven!”
 Can’t you just feel the love?
 In the New Hope Church in Kansas, “Pastor” Curtis Knapp preaches that the U.S  government should kill all homosexuals.  “Pastor” Charles Worley of Providence Road Church, North Carolina, homilizes that all homosexuals should be incarcerated into concentration camps and left there to die.
“Pastor” Fred Phelps and his brain-dead followers wave signs and chant “God hates fags” at military funerals.  “Pastor” Sean Harris of Berean Church tells parishioners to punch their children or break their wrists if they exhibit any homosexual behavior.  “Pastor” Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Church in Tempe Arizona calls for the death of homosexuals, and for the death of President Obama because he supports gay rights.
I write “pastor” in quotes because these people have nothing in common with true religious ethics.
The morons are out in force and they’re a danger to be reckoned with.  It’s foolish to consider them anything but fools, but equally foolish to ignore them. They’re a threat to everything this country stands for and they’ve found a voice in politics.  A loud voice.
 Sadly, these mentally deficient homophobes are not alone.  This country is infected with a growing effort to deny basic human rights to people simply because of whom they choose to love.  States are pushing through legislation to ban gay-straight alliances at schools.  To prevent gay couples from adopting children.  To deny even the basic right to visit your life-mate who is dying in the hospital.
 So sit back and get ready.  Politicians stumping for your vote will be bashing gays while chanting phrases of love, family values, and traditional marriage.
 But the real tradition being sold is the wholesale promotion of hate.  Forget about homeless veterans or starvation in America.  Ignore the plight of the poor and oppressed. Don’t fret over teenage pregnancy, military suicides, domestic violence, drug abuse and alcoholism, vanishing health benefits, or environmental abuse.
 Focus on the real problem, the gay community and their unrelenting efforts to topple the very foundations of decency in America and to destroy life as we know it (I have a strong suspicion that they’re also trying to undo gravitational laws so that the universe itself will implode).
 Hate, hate, hate!  Don’t you just love it?
John Pawlak
Los Alamos Columnist