Sidewalks go both ways

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

Thomas Roach, pavement division director for the county, had a great article in Sunday’s paper reminding homeowners of their responsibility to keep the sidewalks clear for pedestrian traffic. In the same spirit, I’d like to invite the county to discharge its responsibility to keep the sidewalks repaired.

In particular, I draw your attention to Iris Street between 9th and 15th streets. I showed photos of this street to the council a couple of times. Much of the sidewalk (and curb and gutter too) has crumbled to plate-sized cobbles, and there is a hundred-foot stretch where during the rainy season the weeds grow waist-high and so thick the hapless pedestrian can only take to the street. Perhaps crumbled cement is a fertilizer!

Maybe Mr. Roach can exercise his influence on his employer. I am informed the county has other things to do and can’t get to this area until 2013.

Will the county allow property owners until 2013 to clear the vegetation from their adjoining sidewalks?

George Chandler

Los Alamos