Sheriff conducts pre-Halloween sweep

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Compliance: Sex offenders reminded to heed their sentences

By Carol A. Clark

Sheriff Marco Lucero and his deputies fanned out across Los Alamos and White Rock Friday morning, accompanied by Los Alamos police officers, to conduct a pre-Halloween compliance operation at the homes of six registered sex offenders residing within the county.

“It’s important to ensure that these individuals are complying with the judgment and sentencing orders issued by the judges in their respective cases,” Lucero said. “Three of the registered sex offenders have orders not to have contact with children less than 16 years old and not to decorate their residences for Halloween or open their doors to children.”

In Los Alamos, those homes include those of registered sex offenders Charles Michael Bracken, 1396 B 40th St., and Thomas James Kluegel, 1322 46th St. In White Rock, the homes include those of registered sex offenders William Charles Mead, 10 Bonito Pl., Henry John Meyer, 535 Kiva St. # 2, Thomas Edward Vives, 16 Grand Canyon Dr., and Lester Allen Zimmerman, 110 Tunyo St.

“We found each of the individuals to be in compliance and the information they have listed on our registry is correct and current,” Lucero said. “Anyone who wants to learn more about the registered sex offenders living in this community can visit the state’s website at http://nmsexoffender.dps.state.nm.us/.

According to the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, the release of sex offender registration information is limited to those individuals convicted of certain sex offenses on or after July 1,1995, or those individuals convicted of a sex offense prior to that date and were incarcerated or on probation/parole as of that date.

The integrity and accuracy of the information is based on the information provided at the time a sex offender registers. Address information is subject to frequent change. Information is updated when a sex offender registers, re-registers, after moving or following annual renewal.

“We want to make sure our citizens are safe this Halloween and throughout the year and my office intends to conduct these compliance checks with the assistance of the police department on a regular basis,” Lucero said.

The Los Alamos Sheriff’s Office enforces all federal, state and county laws and is responsible for the service of legal process from various courts and court support services.

Lucero was elected to a four-year term last year. His staff includes three deputy sheriffs, Cindy Capelli, Robert J. Farris, and Eric Ringquist and Senior Office Specialist Pam Criscuolo.

The shreiff’s office serves summons, subpoenas, order to show cause, writ of garnishment, writ of execution, Writs of Assistance (used to enforce an order for the possession of lands,) Writs of Replevin (issued to recover an item of personal property wrongfully taken) and foreclosure notices.

The sheriff’s office is open 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday at 2500 Trinity Dr., Ste. B in the Justice Center Complex. The office telephone number is 662-8028.


The Sheriff and Monitor might want to take a look at a map, the only address listed that is in White Rock is the Grand Canyon address.