Sheriff closes sex offender review

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Crime > Lucero says man taking photos did nothing wrong

By Tris DeRoma

A Piñon Elementary School student’s father, who other parents complained about to the Los Alamos County Sheriff’s office for “suspicious” behavior while at a school function, recently met with Marco Lucero — with an attorney in tow.
 Soon after the complaint, Lucero’s office sent out press release detailing the allegations in an effort to get more witnesses to come forward.
“We were looking for additional information to help in our investigation,” Lucero said.
Lucero asked the man if they could meet so he could question him about pictures he was allegedly taking of other parents’ kids at the event. Parents were concerned because the man involved is a convicted sex offender
According to the sheriff, no charges were filed against the man.
“There wasn’t anything in the interview,” Lucero said. “When I asked for his motivation behind the photographs of the other kids, he said it was to keep a chronological album for his son about who he grew up with.”
Lucero said he and the district attorney Kent Wahlquist examined the state statutes and according to those statutes, the accused did nothing wrong.
“There’s nothing in state law that prevents (the accused) of taking pictures of kids, so as long as it’s not in a lewd or sexual manner,” Lucero said, adding that he will continue to monitor the situation. “As far as this complaint is concerned, it’s closed, unless we get some additional information that proves he did something incriminating or illegal.”
As of press time, the accused could not be reached for comment.
Lucero described the man as “cooperative” during the meeting. “He was cooperative, but he was also concerned because he felt like he was being singled out because of his history,” Lucero said.
The accused does not have a criminal record involving children in Los Alamos or New Mexico, according to court records.
His last known offense was a conviction in the early 1990s in another state.