SF mayor to address council

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Meeting to be held in White Rock on Tuesday

By The Staff

City of Santa Fe Mayor David Coss will be in town on Tuesday to give a presentation to county council.

The weekly council meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the White Rock Town Hall. In addition to Coss’ presentation, a proclamation will be made at the beginning of the meeting, declaring May 1 as “Clean Up Los Alamos Day.”

There are four items slated for the consent agenda:

• Council Review Committee report and recommendations on FY11 B&C work plans;

• Completion of process on certification of petition for referendum to reconsider Los Alamos County Ordinance No. 550;

• Completion of process on certification of petition for referendum to reconsider Los Alamos Code Ordinance No. 02-107 and;

Approval of the First Amendment D12726/1 to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Cooperative Agreement D12726 with the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

There will also be two introductions of ordinances. The first is an amendment to Ordinance No. 547, amending the loan agreement to increase the amount of the loan from $138,827 to $235,937, authorizing the county to enter into a loan agreement with the New Mexico Environment Department for the purpose of obtaining wastewater construction loan funds.

The second will be regarding an ordinance proposing an amendment of the County Charter to be submitted to the electorate for adoption or rejection at a special all-mail election on Sept. 14, 2010

A public hearing regarding a resolution opposing approval of the New Mexico Environment Department Open Burn permit, if such permit will allow transportation of explosive waste from LANL on local roads, will be heard.

Council has three items of business that will be discussed. The first is the existing code enforcement practices and consider service enhancement options.

The Charter Review Committee will present an update and select a new committee member, as well as discuss the initial consideration proposed charter amendments.

The final business item is an update regarding options for broadcasting from White Rock.

During the meeting, council will also make board/commission appointments to the Transportation Board.

Because this is a work session held in White Rock, the meeting will not be available on PAC-8, nor will it be streamed via the Internet.