Sex offender tells jury he’s learned to identify triggers and control his urges

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By Carol A. Clark

In day two of the defamation case underway in District Court, registered sex offender Ted Vives told jurors he learned during three years of therapy how to control the urges that led him to have sex with a student in Florida in 1990.

“I learned those things that caused me to offend … I learned that a sex offense is not about sex, it’s about power and exerting that power over another person,” Vives said. “It was something I had to learn how to deal with. I learned above all things the identity of the victim must be kept confidential for their safety. I basically learned how to keep myself from doing it again.”

He explained that a sensitive trigger for him is to be unsupervised around minors.

Defense attorney Paul Grace then reminded Vives that in his deposition he admitted to not telling his first wife about his crime and that he was alone with her minor children sometimes.

Vives also admitted he hadn’t disclosed to parents that he was a convicted sex offender when he moved to Los Alamos and began offering private music lessons in his home to teenagers.

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