Senate candidate to visit LA

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By The Staff

Assistant District Attorney and Dona Ana Republican Party Chairman David K. Clements officially announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate last month after months of traveling the state and visiting with grassroots conservatives.

“With our government’s refusal to live within its means, we have a $17 trillion debt and are on the brink of economic ruin. And with Washington, D.C. unable to escape the reality of its continued failures, an all out assault on our economic and civil liberties has begun.”

According to one of his campaign workers, Clements will be in Los Alamos for a “meet and greet reception” at 5:15 p.m. Friday at the Fusion Café.

Clements is the first Republican to declare his candidacy for the Senate seat, currently occupied by Tom Udall (D-N.M.).

In his press release announcing his candidacy, Clements said, “As an attorney, I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution—an oath I take seriously. Career politicians like Senator Udall have disregarded that same oath and have created a culture of dependency in New Mexico,” Clements added. “By restraining the federal government, we empower people to look within themselves to create opportunity and achieve greatness. I grew up in a lower-class family, and am still fighting for the American dream. I’m tired of Washington D.C. elites taking our hard earned money, and trying to convince us that we are helpless without their involvement in every aspect of our lives. Enough is enough.”

The press release said this about Clements: A constitutional conservative and economics enthusiast, Clements is a father and a husband who is worried about the future of this great country. David K. Clements and wife Erin raise their son Roland in Las Cruces, but also spend time at their family ranch in Nara Visa. Clements received his degree in Kinesiology from New Mexico State University and his law degree from the University of New Mexico. With a background in law, health and wellness, and economics, Clements can address issues that are important to the people of New Mexico.


David is one candidate my wife and I can and will support. We need him in Washington to return true ethics to government.