Scrap park, keep old folks happy

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

OK people I’ve come up with a new idea for the skate park. Just scrap the whole idea and don’t build it at all. That way everyone is happy especially the 500 or so names on a petition that I didn’t see nor did others.

This way the old people in the senior motels and 2500 Central won’t have to worry about a lot of screaming teenagers upsetting them with all the noise and bright lights. Also the towns people will once again prove to the children that they should be neither seen nor heard.

I feel sorry for the skateboarders who thought they would have a nice skateboard park sometime this year but once again us adults failed to come through. What does it take in this town to get everyone’s approval to build anything in a short amount of time before the cost to build has gone through the roof?

Putting the skateboard build up for vote will cost unnecessary monies and time for something that I and other people thought was already approved. When something likes this happens I forget that I live in a community full of scientist who have to analysis ever little thing to death before anything happens. So the question to build or not to build.

Los Alamos