Scorecard for the Legislature

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

I’m keeping score of some of the “more important” issues our state legislature has deemed it necessary to take up during this economic downturn:

• Assisted suicide – killing the sick and the elderly when they are most vulnerable and should be receiving humane treatment;

• Domestic partnership – dissolving the very foundation upon which Western society is built;

• Embryonic Stem Cell Research – destroying human life at the earliest possible stage in the interest of science,

• Freedom of Choice (i.e., liberalization of abortion laws) – killing human babies while assaulting the mother’s body,

• Squashing parental notification – alienating children from their parents in their hour of greatest need; and

• Let’s not forget bolo ties and banning smoking in personal cars.

In this year when both education and law enforcement budgets are being cut, when school maintenance and police cruisers are being slashed, our elected officials seem to be more concerned about either killing off our fellow citizens, or micro-managing our personal lives than putting in place infrastructure for our economy or safety nets for our fallen friends.

Los Alamos