Schools get help from Earn and Learn program

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By The Staff

As budgets tighten, schools are looking for every opportunity to raise funds to offset costs. One such opportunity recently mentioned in the Los Alamos Monitor was the funds generated by the Smith’s Food and Drug Earn and Learn program.

These monies, which totaled thousands of dollars last year alone, are free funds the schools earn by a simple swipe of a Smith’s Rewards card every time a grocery store customer shops. Those who don’t have a school that they contribute to can select one of a variety of learning institutions without an extra expense on the part of the shopper.

Often as students graduate to secondary education the shopping dollars don’t continue to benefit the educational system. Annually, the rewards program expires at the end of September. Often, many aren’t aware that a renewal must take place. Those who haven’t renewed their allegiance yet, might not realize that with the simple swipe of a paper, which can often be done right at the register, thousands of dollars flow locally to help students.

The forms can be found on-line through Smith’s or at the LAPS websites throughout the district.

“Earn and Learn is great because it gives the community a ‘free’ way to support our school,” said Donna Grimm, LAMS principal.

“We have used the money to send teachers to the National Middle School Conference in the past. One of the nicest things about receiving this money is that it can be spent in anyway deemed supportive to the school/learning environment.”

Staff working with students on team building projects can use the fund. Those who wish to benefit a different school or learn about other local programs also aided by the Smith’s Earn and Learn program can call 661-4846.