Schools are behind Trinity Project

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By The Staff

Dear Editor,

The Los Alamos Public Schools desire to enter into a joint Revitalization Project on Trinity Site in order to achieve the following for the benefit of our community:

A) to have a steady and reliable income stream from leased land that would provide funds much needed by the school for both program and plant; and

B) to partner with the county to revitalize the community by providing new retail, dining, office and residential space which would contribute to an increase in gross receipts taxes and taxable valuation that would directly benefit the county and LAPS.

A productive meeting has transpired between council and School Board leadership to reaffirm key business points.  I trust the county and Los Alamos Public Schools remain committed and optimistic towards these ends.

Clarification regarding the status of negotiations between the County and Los Alamos Public Schools involving the Trinity Revitalization Project is in order.  It is misfortunate that perceptions of an unfair or derailed deal for the schools followed the school board’s Feb. 10 meeting.  I take responsibility for prompting this situation.  However, a failed deal or impasse is not the case. 

Yes, it is true that earlier that evening the board held a closed executive session to collectively discuss the latest set of agreements addressing ground leases and conveyances of property at the Trinity Site including the school’s A-8 property and the Airport Basin facilities.  And yes, the school board voted during the open regular session following to request a meeting with the county council to better understand and ensure the intentions of the substantive revisions to the documents.  However, that was the primary and only motive for the request; specifically, to understand and ensure agreement in principle on the key business points guiding the formal documentation. 

Again, it is regrettable that frustration arising from the latest document review was unfortunately allowed to be expressed.  This situation was precipitated by encouraging a vote to meet with the council and the deal is still progressing forward.  As a result, I feel this clarification is in order. 

School Board President