School officials extend Thanksgiving thoughts

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By Carol A. Clark

As is the tradition each year, Los Alamos Public School officials take time out to express their Thanksgiving wishes.

Los Alamos Superintendent of Schools Gene Schmidt shared his wishes to the community for this holiday.

“My wish is that we continue to move forward as a community with our vision for the future but still embrace the values of the past. Those values include patriotism, the sense of understanding the role this community plays in the safety and security of our nation and the value this community places on the education of our young people,” Schmidt said. “Wendy and I are very thankful that this community has given us such a warm embrace as we settle in as newcomers and we are very thankful to be a part of this wonderful community. Everyday Wendy and I say we can’t believe we are living in Los Alamos – it’s that good of a feeling.”

The Schmidt family typically attend the Apple Cup game in Washington state on Thanksgiving but this year will break with tradition and stay here.

School Board President Joan Ahlers shared her Thanksgiving Day thoughts for the community.

“The wonder of Thanksgiving is once a year our lives slow down on a Thursday and we are able to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. We live in a beautiful place doing things that we love,” Ahlers said. “LAPS wishes all of our students, teachers, staff and their families a happy, healthy and yummy Thanksgiving. Special thoughts and prayers go out to the Collins’ family, God bless.”

School Board member Melanie McKinley shared her gratitude.  

“I am thankful for my God who is present even when I don’t feel His presence; for my husband who loves me in spite of my shortcomings; for my children who fill me with pride and yet keep me humble; for my parents who demonstrate to me that the smallest act can show the greatest love; for my friends who are still my friends even when I don’t talk to them for days or weeks or years; for the teachers who not only teach my children but also teach me; and for my country where we are free to be thankful as we choose!” McKinley said. “My hope for this community is that our leaders will value honesty and integrity above all else; that they will treat people with the respect they deserve; and that they will make well thought-out decisions that truly benefit the community. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!”

Despite breaking her ankle last week, School Board member Jody Benson School said she remains grateful and hopeful.

“Thanks to the community for sharing. It takes a village to raise a child and it takes the village agreeing to raise their taxes to build a school for each of those children the community is raising,” Benson said. “You know, despite the imploding lab and global warming, as my family sits down to our massive Thanksgiving dinner, cooked by many hands, I’m still grateful to be in Los Alamos and hope we hang on together until we save the world, or at least keep the gophers out of the garden.”