School crossing is hazardous

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By The Staff

I send my deepest condolences to the Collins family.

I was run off the road on two separate occasions at that same intersection that was the site of the tragic accident. Drivers making a right turn onto San Ildefonso from Hawk Drive are only looking to the left for clearance. I made a left turn onto San Ildefonso from Camino Durasnilla (directly across the street from Hawk Drive), and on both occasions the car entering from Hawk Drive either did not stop at the stop sign before turning onto San Ildefonso or ignored the stop sign altogether. In any event, I was forced up on the curb so that the other car would not rear-end my car, and on another occasion forced to avoid the other vehicle hitting the front end of my car as I made the turn onto San Ildefonso. I have lived here for seven years, and every year as soon as school is in session, this area becomes a traffic nightmare. It stands to reason that when drivers enters a school-crossing zone, they should slow down even if school is not technically in session.

Let’s show a little courtesy to the other people with whom we share the roadways.

Linda Gutgsell

Los Alamos