School cleanup

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By The Staff

This Friday, folks at Piñon Elementary will put their backs into some shovel work to beautify the campus and celebrate Arbor Day.

“We are having a school-wide event for campus beautification that includes rotational activities for students with everything from helping improve our field, a walk a thon for our track fundraiser, planting trees an hedges to PEEC activities,” Principal Megan Lee said.

PTO President Melanie McKinley is thrilled about the event and their sponsors.

“We are so grateful to KNMB for its generosity. Especially during these tough economic times, landscaping becomes a very low priority,” she said.

“However, giving the children someplace beautiful to be during recesses helps to center them for later learning. The shade the trees will provide in the future will give the kids a cool place to be on a hot day.”

The PTO has selected red twig dogwoods to plant that will provide beauty all year long with green leaves in the spring, white flowers in summer, red leaves in fall, and bright red twigs in the winter.

“I believe that beauty begets beauty,” McKinley said. “What KNMB does by offering these grants is to start the process of beautification that will continue for years to come.”

KNMB Board member and Grant Chairman, Chad Lauritzen, will raise a shovel and take part in the event.

“For KNMB on a regular basis to allow people to apply for greenery to help make the schools look beautiful, what a great idea. It is a relatively simple process and efficient,” Lee said.

“We received a grant last year and it allowed us to get trees planted and flower barrels for every classroom. KNMB has made  difference in making our school a more beautiful and cooler place.”

Lee is also appreciative of McKinley’s efforts for the school, even during her transition from PTO president to school board member.

“Melanie over the past two years has supported our school and brought our school programs to a new level. Her support and efforts have been tireless. Whatever she sets her mind to, she completes effectively,” Lee said.

“She will be sorely missed as our PTO president but we are glad she will be helping all schools in Los Alamos. Her family have been supportive too in allowing her to be so committed. KNMB has made difference in making our school a more beautiful and cooler place.”